When I See You Again (is) Where The Big Blue Sky Collapse

These two songs are stucked in my head after I watched the live performance from Adhitia Sofyan and Gugun Blues Shelter (read my previous post) . One from #Adsof called "Blue Sky Collapse" and the other is "When I See You Again" from #GBS . So, if I can make these two into one good song, it'd be : WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN (is) WHERE THE BIG BLUE SKY COLLAPSE !

When i see you again
Day turns into night, here in my own again
The hours pass so slowly and i’m missing you so bad

My soul, a shade of blue, just waiting here for you
This feelin’ i have inside
Its killin’ me…tell me

When i’m gonna see you again
How long will i feel this pain
I cant wait for the day
When i see you again…my love

A picture of you in my hand, turnin my heart to sand
My head feels so cold bland
Because i need you… tell me

When i’m gonna see you again
How long will i feel this pain
I can’t wait for the day
When i see you again…my love

Blue Sky Collapse
As I walk to the end of the line
I wonder if I should look back
To all of the things that were said and done
I think we should talk it over

Then I noticed the sign on your back
It boldly says try to walk away
I go on pretending I’ll be ok
This morning it hits me hard that

Still everyday I think about you
I know for a fact that’s not your problem
But if you change your mind you’ll find me
Hanging on to the place
Where the big blue sky collapse

As I stare at the wall in this room
The cracks they resemble your shadow
When everyday I see time goes by
In my head everything stood still

I’m waiting for things to unfreeze
Till you release me from the ice block
It’s been floating for ages washed up by the sea
And it’s drowning, thought you should know that

You see people are trying
To find their way back home
So I’ll find my way to you

By the way, yesterday on Sunday, after I went to church, I was having lunch together and also meeting with Putri and Dhatu . They asked for my advice before they got an interview for some university event . So, we met at Warung Pasta Gejayan while I sipped my delicious Frozen Cappuccino :)

black cardi - peach blouse - vintage choco skirt - shoulder bag are 2nd from mama & auntie,
Anjani wedges by UP 


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