04/06/11 : Saturday night, my girls consist of NaninAyuk, Simbah, Rani, Pitek and I decided to go to an event held by Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Gadjah Mada University titled KICK YOUR CLICHE 2011 . It was kind of an outdoor music party that opened for public with several artists as guest included two national musicians . Who were they? They were ADHITIA SOFYAN and GUGUN BLUES SHELTER!!!! Whoaaaa.... \\^o^//
There was a funny thing too, when an old man started to dance "dangdut" !! That was soooo funny . And of course I was happy I could met some "cute guys" and sang altogether with my girls . Thanks to Abas, friends of mine who also one of the committee on that event for helping us got the tickets and stuff ^^v

Miami Beach green dress, Friday to Sunday stripe vest,
unbranded legging, mama's purse & All Star hi-sneakers
nanin's leg next to mine :))
Simbah, Mas Adhit, Ayuk and Nanin
(Me as Photographer :p)
four of the "odonkerz" xoxo
5 girls left, after Pitek felt tired and decided to go home earlier


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