I need the SPOTLIGHT

I know I'm in love with Fall Out Boy songs when I was in the 8th grade of Junior High School .
That was because of my schoolmates that time, Ayappe and Sola who always turned on their music (well, not only FOB, but also Green Day and Good Charlotte) every the break-time came! And at those time, I was TOTALLY LIKE THEM FOR REAL! Owh yeaaaaaaaaaaah.... *"dance-dance" playing*

But, it's not FOB this post is gonna talk about . It's about their frontman a.k.a main vocalist, PATRICK STUMP! He has been on his solo career now . Yep, FOB is on their hiatus for unpredictable time (but please don't be too long (˘ʃƪ˘) ) .

Back to Patrick! He has launched his own solo EP called Truant Wave last February 2011 with the hits "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)" . He will soon get his own album titled Soul Punk which will be released this late summer 2011, and I'm definitely CAN'T WAIT!! Hahaha.. ^^

So, I've watched the video clip for "Spotlight" and that's great! I mean, for a frontman of a big-popular-rock-band into a solo punk man with that .... (I can't say it in a words) . One thing, the video clip is so DAMN INSPIRING (too much for reviewing? never mind . this is my blog, not yours :p). Well check it out here :

Do you like it?? :)
Actually I better see him in his chubby cheek version, but, with his latest look he's still adorable for me *nosebleed


Wayah Arna said...

Aku yo ngerti iki ding. Koe seneng The Academy Is ra? Apik kui yoan

Gading Ghe said...

kui sak label tho? re : the academy is..

Wayah Arna said...

iyo saktrah decaydance nggone pete cina eh pete wentz bareng karo gym class heroes, cobra starship, the ready set, karo wayah arna andika

Gading Ghe said...

emm, sing terakhir kui ketoke "BEKEN BEUUDZZ" hahaha.. #ngakakkoprol

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