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Sooooooo long no update! TT_______TT
Since last month, I've been very VERY busy . Studied for the mid-term exams, wrote the lab reports, joined #TIP2012 solidarity night in Kulon Progo, PLUS currently working on my new project with my 6 other friends! The last one is special! hahaha.. Fyi, it helps me reduce my stress of tight schedule nowadays :) #thankGOD

But, here I come with plenty of pictures! Hohoho.. Snapped by my LG Cookie cell phone . Enjoy! *wink*
Blue Velvet + Hot Latte at Paris Bakery
Van Houten Chocolate~ free!!
My brunch menu when I came to Garden Cafe UNY
My dinner menu at Paris Bakery few days ago
Slushie Nation
Tamansari Food Court Ambarrukmo Plaza
Delicious "Mushroom Cheese Egg Crepe"
 - Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
Gotri Restaurant
Pattaya Tofu at Warung Rakyat :)) My family's favorite!
Chocolate Pudding + Toffee Ice at Bee's Galeria Mall
Pizza Hut Ambarrukmo Plaza
Note : My most favorite menu from all pictures above is :
Feels like heaven~! Green Tea Ice Blended 
Another photos...
New friend from Tokyo! Say "hi" to Ayaka!
She studied Bahasa Indonesia :)
a short caption of "Waduk Sermo", Kulon Progo .
Calm & pretty

Me and my besties, Odonk, went to a new cafe named CALAIS . It sold many kind of Bubble Tea & Coffee in a plastic cup (which I think doesn't quite match with the eco-friendly concept people know nowadays) . Anyway, here are some snaps :
Feat. Cicil + Nanin :)

That's it for now! See you soon, readerssss :* 


Wayah Arna said...

Iso dinggo referensi ki, haha! Thanks ding! Peacock endi? Hehe...

Numpang promosi, aku ono dolanan anyar ki nyoh

Check my blog too, i had a new post :)

Sori ra jelas, haha!

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