After All..

Wowww long time no post!! hmmm.. VVBL *very very busy lately* hehehe
Well, after the mid-term exam finished in the beginning of this month, I was joining retreat which was held by PMK FTP UGM, also I was one of the event committees there . And, in the same time I was still doing the LAB REPORTS and getting a HEART-BREAKING news too from someone I adore so much T___T! After that, the next BIG EVENT came . HIMATIPARTY . The 23rd anniversary party of HIMATIPA UGM was held on November 19th, 2011 . And, once again I was the event coordinator :') Next!! I was participated in FORAGRIN event held by Trunojoyo University in MADURA! Yesss... I went to Madura, had a little-but-unbelievable car trip with 7 friends for 3 days :'D 

..and all I got in the end is : EXPERIENCE . 

Maybe it sounds cliche . But, that's the truth! Everything I did in those events were not easy . I must sacrificed some of my play-time, money, and of course my energy . Tired??? Definitely! But, in God I trust that, if I'm doing it with heart then everything goes well . So, after all, I never felt disappointed with the decision I've ever taken because they all produce experiences, that I'll never know when I might get them back in the future :)

Last, I wanna say thanks to my GOD, Jesus Christ, who has given me strength, and to my family & my friends who have supported me both in happy and difficult times .

PS : photos will be uploaded soon! ^^


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