Tips for Creating a Value-added Product :)

Dear people..
In the global era like nowadays, as an entrepreneur (-wannabe xp) we have to understand & give a deeper concern to what the customers needs . Actually, the market recently sells only one product without any modification . The truth is, the customers want something that more unique products . Something that can attract them to buy and consume it directly . That's why the producers and also entrepreneur should pay attention to create a value-added product . Beside that, we need to be more focused on the low-budget production . If we can produce some kind of value-added goods, no doubt we can save much more money~! Because customers can get several benefits just from one product . It's like a multi-product~! The keywords are : UNIQUE and CHEAP \\^o^// woot woot ...
These are few steps to success in making a value-added through the detailed business plan :
1) Operations Plan, such as flow of the business, quality and cost control,
2) Personnel Plan, such as needs, skills and training,
3) Sales Plan, it's a challenging but realistic goal(s), 
4) Management Plan, including evacuate strengths, weaknesses and resources, and last
5) Investment and Financial Plan, such as the cash flow planning, etc .

So, are you ready to make a change?? Let's get started ^^

P.S. All credits go to myself :)


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